Our Pastors


Benjamin and Faith Ho

We have been married for 20 years and have four children, Anastasia, Maia, Abigail (who has already gone to be with the LORD), and Zoe.

We share a remarkably similar ‘backstory’! Both of us migrated from Singapore: Ben to Brisbane and Faith to Sydney. Though we both grew up in Christian homes, the amazing grace of the gospel that saves and transforms lives did not impact us until early in our university years.

After finishing university in our respective cities, Ben worked as a Physiotherapist and Faith in Human Resource management. Convicted by the gospel and with a growing desire to devote more time into telling people about Jesus and the good news of salvation, both of us quit our jobs and did a ministry apprenticeship at the Fellowship of Overseas Christian University Students in the University of New South Wales. It was there that we met and got married. Following this apprenticeship, both of us went on to Moore Theological College, where Faith studied for one year and Ben for four.

For almost 15 years, from 2009 to mid-2023, Ben served as a pastor in St Lucia Evangelical (SLE) Church. And since July 2023, he has become the lead planter and pastor for this new church.

Back in 2019, the LORD put it in the hearts and minds of the leaders and members of SLE church to consider planting churches, directing their plans towards the Centenary suburbs as the location for the first plant location.

After a long period of praying and seeking the LORD for someone to lead the church plant, the LORD stirred Ben’s heart to consider being the planter for this church. Ben had lived in this area during his high schooling years and, in recent years, our family began having more and more connections with people in the Centenary area.

Most of all, the LORD grew the hearts and desires in our whole family to see the lost in this area come to salvation and the saved grow to become more like Jesus.

Having never planted a church before, we have needed much help, support, encouragement, and prayer, which we have richly received!

We are very excited about this new church and what God might do in and through it. We long for our church to be a truly Jesus-loving and Bible-believing community that is genuinely welcoming and helpful to those seeking to know Jesus and to those desiring to grow to know, love and live more for Jesus. 

Andrew and Debb Faulkner

We have been married for 20 years and have three children (Mitchell, Amelia and Rachael).

We each grew up in Maryborough (Qld) but have mostly lived in Brisbane since we moved here for study in 1999. Whilst we were regularly involved in a church community as kids and teens, the move to Brisbane saw us discard any connection with a church community and evidenced our lack of genuine faith in the Lord Jesus. It was a full decade later, as we read God’s word and eventually headed along to church, that the depth of God’s glory and grace in Christ finally became evident to us. We are still blown away by the kindness and persistent prayers of many brothers and sisters in the years preceding our conversion, and since.

Professionally, Drew studied a Bachelor of Business and worked for Telstra between 2002-2014. Debb studied and worked in tourism and travel. We also spent a few years in China teaching English.

Within a few years of coming to faith, Drew had the strong desire to study God’s word more intentionally, so that he might be better equipped to share it with others.

This led to him completing an MDiv at Brisbane School of Theology between 2014-17. Debb studied some subjects alongside Andrew, before completing a two-year ministry apprenticeship with Christ Community Church. Both spent time on staff with CCC after completing their studies: Debb in administration and kid’s ministry roles, and Drew serving as an associate pastor (with a Missions/Evangelism focus).

Whilst dearly loving our church family at CCC, our hearts were stirred when we heard about the prospect of a church plant in the Centenary suburbs. We have lived in the area since 2014 and long to see more of our neighbours and friends know and walk in the love of the Lord Jesus. We don’t bring any church planting experience, but bring an eagerness to learn, serve and seek God’s enabling for something that only He can truly bring about.

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