We're a church family dedicated to following Jesus as our Lord. We get to know Him through the Bible, making our Sunday sermons a key part of our services.
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Meet Jesus, Meet God

The God who created our world, everything in it, and every single one of us, wants us to know Him. We can know God through knowing Jesus! Through knowing and believing in Jesus, we get to know God, and come to have life as God intended!
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Some of our past sermons


Thanksgiving and Prayer for More

Ephesians 1:15-23

Benjamin Ho



Genesis 1
Benjamin Ho
Jesus - Fact or Fiction?
Luke 1:1-4
Andrew Faulkner

Two ways to live, One way to Life

Psalm 1
Andrew Faulkner

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Our church is committed to the full and final authority of the Bible as the revealed Word of God, inspired by the Spirit of God. At the centre of God's eternal plans revealed by His Word is His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.

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Centenary Evangelical Church was planted through a partnership of churches in the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches (FIEC) network, with support from network partners. This plant is led by Benjamin Ho and Andrew Faulkner.
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